Makeup: Sleeping Beauty

It’s Disney Thursday! Since I did Maleficent last Thursday, I had to do Sleeping Beauty today 🙂  Aurora is my favorite princess and I always think about that battle between what color dress she should wear.

The two fairies fighting over the color of dress is the inspiration for my makeup :


What you need:

  • Mascara
  • black and light blue eyeliner
  • hot pink eyeshadow
  • light blue eyeshadow
  • white eyeshadow
  • blue glitter(optional)


1. With Fingers or brush, place light pink shadow on the far side of your eye and stop in the middle. Go above your eye crease but not to high.

2. Fill in the other half of your eye with blue shadow. You can go over this blue with glitter if you’d like to add fun.

3. Line your bottom lashes with black eyeliner as normal.

4. With your blue liner, make a fish tail cat eye, one line going straight out and the other curving up. Hook the ends.


5. Using white eyeshadow, fill in the rest of your eye up to your brow. Then use the pink again to line underneath your lashes on the bottom, below the liner.

6. Lastly put on mascara, but not to heavy, you are a princess.


I hope you like this makeup. It’s fun and simple  🙂 Follow for more Disney makeup and comment if you want another character.


I hope your Once Upon A Dream comes true and always stay Sexi, xoxoxxx       Jadeshadow


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